Mobile Phone Boosters


 When a house is located too far from a cell phone base station the cell phone signal may become very weak. This is also true for any underground level parts of the house, such as garage, basement or any other location with the area up to 150 m2.

   To avoid this problem many such house owners have chosen to install a Mobile phone repeater. Now they enjoy perfect cell phone connections in every single corner of their houses. Additionally, they also benefit from longer cell phone battery lives and lower radiation levels. When mobile coverage is poor a cell phone emits radiation twice more than when a signal is of good quality. As a result a booster makes mobile phone usage even safer for health.



Stores, offices, cafés and other buildings of medium size are often characterized by weak cell phone signal.The reasons to limited coverage can appear to be shadow effects from other buildings or remote location from the mobile base station. Building location in basements or underground can also be a hindrance for stable mobile connections.

   Mobile boosters are the devices which will avoid the problem of poor 3G and GSM signals within any area successfully. Receiving the signal from the base station and amplifying it boosters are able to provide stable mobile connections.



A weak cell phone connection in large buildings such as Hotels, company headquarters, etc. often substitute a problem. The obstacles to quality mobile signal can usually be thick walls of the building, its remote location, or its location below ground level where the radio waves from a cell phone base station cannot reach.

   Luckily, Mobile boosters successfully solve the problem of poor connection. They receive even a weak signal from outside and transform it into a strong signal inside the building, thus making conversations over the phone convenient and easy.