Agricultural Electrical Service

The working environment on farms is much more onerous than in a domestic situation; for that reason it requires a higher standard of electrical installation with special emphasis on safety.The presence of water, dust and corrosive atmospheres – as well as the greater likelihood of physical damage from animals or vehicles – can be hazardous if the incorrect type of electrical fittings are used. For these reasons the National Wiring Rules make specific provisions for agricultural and horticultural premises.The Rules specify the type of switches, sockets, plugtops, light fittings, etc. that MUST be used in farm installations.

We have years of experance of working in the agricultural section. We will help you make or keep your farm electricty safe. Many farms work 24hour a day. gone with the day of carrying a lamp out to the sheds with you, now electricty plays a big part in farming. Safe electrics = safe farming.

Outside Lighting Yards

Lighing inside Sheds

Fuse Boards Replacement

Outdoor / Indoor Sockets

Indoor / outdoor switchs

Enegry Effecent Lighting

Security Lighting